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A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Destination Travel Package That Sells

Sharing the passion of seeing the world?If so, then it would be awesome to come up a travel package which showcases the experience of a lifetime to your clientele. As a touring expert, you probably are aware of the reality that competitors sprout and abound in the field of touring. Hence thorough preparation and care should be applied when it comes to planning a unique tour package.

Here are ten steps you can take to plan an offering that’ll be a hit among luxury travelers:

Step 1: Choose Your Destination

To have a sought-after travel package, it’s not enough to showcase a run-of-the-mill destination. Most travelers would readily appreciate the world’s most visited locations. However,you’d probably want to make the most of your organizing efforts by featuring exclusive and one-of-a-kind tours. You can get started in planning on one destination, then expand to other continents. Your prospects of expansion would then depend on how well-received your first package will be.For starters, you can narrow down your pick to the exclusive spots at the Caribbean, USA, Europe, Central America or Asia.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Customers

By knowing who your prospective customers are, you’d have a better idea of tailor fitting your travel package to meet their needs. Will your clients be the type who’d simply like to unwind, be idle and have more privacy throughout their stay? Or perhaps they’re the types who prefer fewer people in a trip, to have a better learning and first-hand experience of the various locations they’ll visit. Zoom in on the characteristics of the target group you’ll be servicing. This way, you can provide a more unique and unforgettable experience to your actual customers.

Step 3: Set the Format of Your Touring Package


These days, travel organizers thankfully have plenty footstool get creative with their packages. They can further customize their tour offerings based on the hobbies and interests of their target clientele. You can even go for a segment of customers who prefer the most exclusive tours possible. Plan a tropical destination package which flies your clients to a private island with yacht cruises.

If they’re up for an art tour, you can schedule a walk with their favorite contemporary artists.After going around artistic locales, lush dinners can be arranged so clients and their chosen artists can further talk about the world’s works of art.Don’t hesitate to add luxurious touches as part of your clientele’s experience. See how you can provide bottles of the finest champagne or wine during stopovers. Refreshment corners after visits to each destination may be considered as part of the package. Be sure to make your exclusive clients feel cared for and attended to. Prepare to be flexible with your efforts, budget and schedule should they also make requests on a whim.

If you’re targeting a less affluent yet considerably well-off market, you can set touring packages which are a little less expensive yet equally enjoyable.For instance, you can arrange an exclusive, all-inclusive package to the Caribbean. Throw in an offering complete with airline tickets, rain forest rides, five-star hotel accommodations and other luxurious facilities for your clientele to savor.

Step 4: Plan Up Your Itinerary

Getting your clientele from point A to B will require thorough preparation. Your itinerary will serve as your entire package’s selling point since this precisely indicates what your customers will experience throughout the tour. Upon listing the tourist spots they’ll be visiting, it’s necessary to secure the tickets to some destinations. For instance, if your client is going on a musical tour, it’s imperative to buy their opera tickets in advance. The transportation means you’ll need to go around the locale must also be finalized. Whenever possible, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one go-to van or car to drive your clients to and from various destinations.

A whole trip must also have a precise schedule for hotel wake-up calls,breakfast, arrival at and departure from target locations, plus all other crucial elements of the itinerary.If you’re offering a luxurious travel package, it’s advisable to further customize the itinerary based on your clients’ liking. This ensures they’ll have an ultimately satisfying experience throughout the tour.

Step 5: Choose the Best Accommodation, Means of Transport and Other Facilities

After hearing out your clientele’s customization preferences and setting your package’s format, your vendors or suppliers would be another important aspect of your service. The entire tour’s experience will matter more than the costs which your clients will shell out. Consider the most convenient private jet flights, best hotels, most reliable means of transportation, top-rated restaurants and other related services into your package.These vendors will play a major role in making each tour exquisite and memorable. Thus, you must only choose the ones with the highest quality of service.

Step 6: Establish Your Price Point

To make a considerable, long-term profit from your efforts, it’s best to factor in a service or management fee as part of your travel package.This means apart from the discounted prices you’ve arranged with your vendors, a separate service fee will be set to compensate for your efforts.You can choose to be upfront with your clientele by itemizing the costs of services you’ve arranged, along with your management fee. By doing this, you’ll be establishing trust and transparency with your clients. They can even see how less expensive their hotels, restaurants and other services would be, compared to their regular prices outside your travel package.Your management fee will accordingly represent the level of care and keenness to details you’ll provide as you guide them to the world’s best destinations.

Step 7: Plan and Implement Your Marketing Efforts


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Your luxury travel package must be accordingly represented by only the best Marketing materials and Advertising platforms. This means it wouldn’t be wise to place your ads on sites which offer cheap deals. Your target clients are the types of travelers who’d like to have luxurious, one-of-a-kind touring experiences, so conventional destinations and itineraries wouldn’t do. It will be much wiser to place your materials at luxury oriented sites and events.

Better yet, why not come up with a polished-looking direct mailer which features your travel package? Send the creatively designed letters to the offices of your target clientele. You can even up the ante of luxuriousness and exclusivity by organizing an event for your potential travelers. This activity should give a glimpse of how your potential travelers’ experience would be on your upcoming tour. The gathering can even give you a chance for instant sign ups.Batches of sneak-peek oriented events can even start a community of luxurious travelers who may regularly request for your services.

Some of the other marketing options you may consider would be online and printed brochures, destination-specific coffee table books, merchandise items and Social Media based videos. Don’t hesitate to get creative with your efforts, especially if you know these will bring the best impact to your target clients.

Step 8: Seal a Solid Deal with Your Vendors

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your suppliers’ services iscrucial in arranging an exquisite experience for your travelers. Thus it would be practical to set a couple of standard measures for your vendors to follow, via a contract. Upon generating a steady stream of income from your business, it’s required for them to maintain their services at a top level of quality. Draft up a template which indicates the must-have components of each service. Consider a checklist as part of the contract to make sure the standards will be upheld for every batch of travelers which they’ll accommodate.


Step 9: Get Your Team’s A-Game On

It’s necessary to prepare and gear up your staff members,as they attend to the needs of your travelers.Operational and organizational manuals can set the tone to the approaches which your team members will take in servicing your clientele. These manuals along with training will further reflect the culture plus level of professionalism which your company has towards your travelers.Be sure to also relay about the features, itinerary and other details of the travel package.

See how each aspect of your organization can ensure the tour’s components will be excellently implemented. Seek out ideas and consider how of your staff member’s suggestions may practically be aligned with your manuals and other standard procedures. Claiming ownership and stewardship are two values which you can relay to your staff members. By incorporating their ideas, the members will not only see your manual as merely a set of procedures to follow. They’ll view the standards as their very own and ensure they’ll be followed through. At the end of each tour, you may even consider a brief celebration, then provide incentives to the high performers of your staff. These can be in forms of freebies or gift certificates to hotel stays or restaurant reservations.

Step 10: Evaluate and Improve

Assign a person who’ll be documenting the implementation of your tour. He or she will be taking the photos of your itinerary’s crucial components. These range from pictures of the vans you’ll rent, the private jet you’ll charter, the touring destinations and all other relevant parts of the trip. A template of questions and ratings must also be provided, so you and your staff members can individually evaluate how the package was implemented.You’ll also need to gather your clientele’s feedback, so you’re more attuned to what travelers value the most throughout their touring experience. It’s necessary to gather all the pros, cons and other forms of comments from the team and your customers. This way,an Action Plan may be set andbe applied to your upcoming tours.

These thoroughly described steps can give you a substantial head start in planning a top-selling travel package for your clientele. By having a well-prepared and exceptionally implemented tour, you’ll have a growing base of tourists who’ll share the joy of seeing the world with you.

Private Jet Chartering

A Trip Back in Time: Private Jet Chartering 20 Years Ago

At the age of digital mobility,booking a business jet can happen in just a few swipes and taps. Hence it can be easy to forget how private flying started20 years ago. The industry has gone a long way since it took flight in 1963, with Learjet as the first private aircraft to fly off the ground.

If you’rewondering abouthowPrivate Jet Chartering was like 20 years ago, here are milestones which shaped the industry:

14,000 jets have already been produced since 1997

Today and in the US alone, over 11,000 private jets are registered for use. Additionally, there are roughly 7,900 private jets being flown throughout the rest of the globe. These numbers are quite a leap compared to how there were only 890 private jets from 1994 to 1996.

In 1996, Cessna released the Citation XL

The Citation XL is one of the most popular and widely used private jets today. Private travelers use this aircraft for mid-range flights and it can fly for theduration of up to 4 hours. This plane can also fit 6 to 8 passengers per trip.

Fractional jet ownership was starting to boom

20 years ago, fractional ownership was seen as a more viable solution than having to put up with group travel. It was also the closest thing to having a readily available, private plane at a more efficient cost.Planes were made available within 4 to 6 hours’ notice at any of the world’s 5,000 airports.

Gulfstream started developing its GIV-SP and GV jets

The Gulfstream GV was specifically recognized for its range and speed. In 1997, the aircraft’s development team was awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy. This annual award is given to teams and individuals who reached the greatest achievement in America’s field of Aeronautics and/or Astronautics.

Russians needed distinct laws between commercial and business aviation

The growth and demand for business jets were on the rise in the Russian and Chinese market. Unfortunately, legislations and regulations haven’t catered to the private flying sector yet. This caused challenges in business jet operations such as the implementation of import procedures, taxation, and safety standards. Still, the sector uniquelyflourishes as jet rotations keep exceeding those of London’s airports.

The A319 Corporate Jetwas released for the business market

Known for its line of commercial units, Airbus manufactured the A319CJ for private, business-oriented travelers.It has an increased flying altitude at 41,000 feet that’s perfect for long-range trips. It’s booked for its space, flexibility, and configurations to accommodate VIPs.

Bill Gates purchased his private jet at $21 million

Tycoons such as Bill Gates saw the convenience of owning a private jetto reach even the most remote places for charity work. Back in 1997, the business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft said that owning a business jet is a guilty pleasure. With it, he could get to a lot of places for the causes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

GPS were introduced for safety

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)were introduced in 1995. As a milestone for business jets, this technology enhanced the safety of travelers. It’s used to navigate their flights’tracks and paths in the most precise ways possible. The transmitting device can send information about an aircraft to the Air Traffic Controllers. These details include altitude, speed, and bearing.

When it comes to private jet chartering,many more countless developments have taken place in the past 20 years. These facts show how the industry is here to stay, as it’s bound to further develop in the coming decades.

Private Jet Destinations

Exotic Private Jet Destinations Explained in Instagram Photos

Instagram has changed the way people share their experiences with the use of photos. With over 80 million pictures being uploaded per day, it wouldn’t be a wonder whythe world seems much smaller than before.Travelers from around the globe will simply have to snap some inspiring photos and voila – they can already share memories with friends and loved ones.

In this post, we’ve compiled 10 of the latest photos taken from various exotic destinations around the world. Each picture has a story to tell. Have a glance through any of these lined up pieces, and know more about the place by seeing its corresponding description beside each number:

1. Ko Tao Island, Thailand / Photo Taken by @thatkiwicouple

The account owners describe themselves as “Globetrotting, Newlywed Kiwis.” As journalists and photographers, they’ve decided to turn their honeymoon into an adventure that’s worthwhile to share with their Instagram followers. Before this photo was taken, Neil and Kyra took on a dangerous road in the island.This entailed going for an emergency jump while riding a bike.In this photo, they talked about how the view was so worth the challenge they just had. Want to reach this destination? Then it’s best to book a flight with us today.

2. Brisbane/ Photo Taken by @mygreekcuzina

Located right in the heart of the suburbs, the restaurant My Greek Cuzina took a photo of its special menu items by the sea.These include Gyros, Halioumi, Pita, Ouzo, Felafel, Feta, and Soublaki.At a glance, it may look like the photo was taken from Greece. However, upon closer scrutiny, you’ll find this picture was also snapped from Bulimba. This suburb is located at the Brisbane River’s Southern bank. It has cafés, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and boutiques which every traveler can surely enjoy.To visit this side of Brisbane, be sure to schedule a private jet with us.

3. Istanbul, Turkey / Photo Taken by @cometoturkeycom

Turkey has a whole lot of exotic sceneries you can explore. As a country which connects Europe and Asia, travelers have tons of reasons to seethe majestic landmarks in its major city, Istanbul.@cometoturkeycom snapped a photo of The Yeni Cami or New Mosque. This imperial mosque has undergone several reconstructions since it was first built in 1597. Its marble columns, calligraphic plates, arches, and so many other elements are just grand to see up close. Want to see the Yeni Cami and every other awesome place of Turkey? Then it’s best to do so by booking a private jet for your upcoming trip.

4. St. Barths / Photo Taken by @tracirhoads1

In this photo, the account owner notices how luxurious St. Barths can get. For one, her description talks of how taxis are in Porsche Cayennes. This French-owned destination has volcanic rocks, iguanas, beaches, and blooming cacti. For visitors who are into luxurious experiences, they’d be glad to find how St. Bar ths also features yachts and designer boutiques. It’s also a favorite destination among celebrities.

5. Madagascar / Photo Taken by @daffa2026

As a self-confessed obsessive traveler, Amanda Daff never runs out of posts to share about travel and all other elements of her lifestyle. In this particular photo, she got acquainted with a Lemur hiding inside a tree. Madagascar is actually known for its Lemurs. These creatures look like a combination of cats, squirrels, and dogs. They hop (or even sashay) on land, climb trees, and produce different squeaky sounds. Although they might seem aloof, they actually don’t mind hanging around people.

6. Maui, Hawaii / Photo Taken by @boujmaaguilloul

This photo was uploaded by a professional windsurfer named Boujmaa Guilloul. This is almost a commonplace scenery in Maui as the island has several big waves which extreme sportsmen will enjoy. There’s the Peahi, Ho‘okipa Lookout, Honolua Bay, Dumps, and the Punalau Beach (“Windmills”). Even if you’re not a pro windsurfer, simply watching the biggest waves crash the shore will be a phenomenal experience.

7. Nepal / Photo Taken by @mountains.and.around

The Langtang Lirung is considered to be among the highest peaks which can be found at the Nepalese Himalayas. This infrequently climbed mountain has a height of about 7,246 meters. Posted by Mountains and Around, this photo just shows how challenging it could get to reach the Langtang Lirung’ssummit. With its trekking areas and teahouse accommodations, a climb to this mountain can approximately take 7 to 10 days. To reach this destination at the fastest rate, it’s best to book for a private jet today.

8. The Cook Islands / Photo Taken by@jessaddwater

This photo celebrates the healthy population of the Humphead Wrass, Napolean, or Maori Wrasse. According to the post, this type of fish is a major predator of the Crown of Thorns Starfish. The latter eats away the corals at the Cook Islands.As @jessaddwater states, uniqueness and diversity are present at the paradise that is The Cook Islands.And there’s a lot more you can enjoy as you visit the country with over 15 islands to explore.

9. Angkor Wat at Cambodia / Photo Taken by@kelsharry

Did you know this is the world’s largest religious monument? While it was originally constructed as a Hindu temple, it was slowly transformed to being a Buddhist complex by the end of the12thcentury. This ancient structure’s ruins reflect the Khmer Empire’s past. The complexes have lush, green forests as their background and walks along the temple can be rejuvenating, if not quite spiritual.

10. Fiji / Photo Taken by @kelli.vidiuk

With 333 islands, Fiji is best known for its resorts, spas, private islands, and many outdoor activities. As tourists soak up the warm sun of the islands, they’ll also be filled with Fiji’s sumptuous, local delicacies. These include Mahi Mahi fish marinated in lemon juice, Lovo (a festive delicacy with combinations of pork, fish, lamb, and veggies). Some of its must-try activities include zip lining at the Pacific Harbor, touring the Kula Wild Adventure Park (Sigatoka), seeing the beaches and waterfalls, and so much more.

These are just a few of the millions of photos being posted on the world’s most exotic, private jet destinations. Been planning to reach any of these locations? Or perhaps you may have another country you’d like to visit. Either way, you’ll surely get there fast by booking a private jet with us. For more details, you may call us at +1 866-448-2358 today.

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The 3 Biggest, Must-Know Trends in Destination Travel

The ever-evolving industry of travel certainly makes each year interesting, and this one is no exception. With the prevalence of tech-oriented solutions, it’s become so much easier to find ways and means to see the world. If you’re wondering about the biggest trends you can expect these days, here are just three of the major ones you’ll seeor even experience:

Digital Travel Planning

Now there are so many options each traveler can choose from when it comes to booking plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and tours. Online travel planners aid many globetrotters through listing up all the available products and services they can possibly enjoy throughout the trip.All they’ll have to do is read through the list, pick which features they like best, and even consider which ones fit their budget.

There are even platforms which automatically list up each day’s itinerary as soon as the travelers book for specific services. The listed tourist sitesmay further be described along with the hours which it will take to for visitors to reach it.All they’ll have to do is print out the final, generated itinerary, and they’ll be set for their trip. If you’ll notice, there isn’t any mention of a travel agent throughout the process. This usually leads to more savings on the travelers’ part.



Traveling for Business and Leisure purposes can now be combined. Employees who travel the world to seal deals for their firmswould seize the opportunity to see new places and explore interesting cultures.By taking some time off work and requesting for additional days during their trip, they get to see different sides of a country beyond boardrooms and conference halls.

The key to having a great Bleisure trip is scheduling and knowing the best locations in town. For travelers who’d primarily want to get rid of their jet lag upon arriving, they usually book a few days ahead of a conference or meeting. Spa treatments, shopping trips, and trying out different restaurants can be scheduled in advance. This way, they’d be more acclimated and well-adjusted to the country’s environment, in time for the iractual meetings. After the whole series of work-related negotiations, some bleisure travelers actually book for more high-involvement activities like wine tours or wake boarding sessions.

Eco Tourism or Green Tourism

Another way of seeing the world is through Eco-Tourism.This rising trend involves going to natural areas so that tourists can appreciate nature in its purest form. This type of trip mainly focuses on the cause of conservation. While some incorporate this theme of trip as part of their itinerary, others actually prioritize and only focus on this advocacy-based type of tour.

At a minimal level, tourists may visit a national park which nurtures endangered species. Their ticket purchases would then serve as proceeds for the cause. There are also sites which offer bamboo-made, bike tours instead of riding vans. This way, people can refreshingly appreciate their surroundings without the cost of carbon emissions.

Some tours are also packaged for travelers to visit distant sites and contribute to their sustainability. Visitors can learn about avillage’straditional way of living, like hunting, fishing, or cooking. Educational hikes are also provided for tourists to better appreciate a locale’s ecosystem.

Whether you’re a jet operator or VIP traveler, these major trends are surely worth keeping in mind. Explore your options on some of them and see how you can fully enjoy your trips real soon.

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The No-Fuss Way of Choosing the Staff for Your Chosen Destination

So you just got yourself a private jet for a trip. Whether you’ll need to go toa quick business meeting or an intercontinental vacation, the best flight crew can ensure you’ll have an efficient and comfy flight. This may be your first time to pick your pilot, co-pilot, and stewardess. Or perhaps it isn’t. Either way, here are some simple, yet effective ways for you to choose the best staff members on your upcoming flight:

Step 1: Choose a designated agency to gather your crew members.

Thankfully, recruitment agencies have a roster of service professionals who can form part of your flight crew. These agencies already have a pool ofwell-trained and experienced talents who are on call for private jet trips. In this case, it’s best to have your own set of standards or qualities to look for, when it comes to picking your crew members. These include dedication, flexibility and being service-oriented.

See the best arrangements which can be fulfilled with the agency. You may consider a trial contract with the provider and see how their service fits your needs. Should the transactions go well in the next months, you can then extend your service agreement with them.This way, you can have a provider who’llreadily bring the crew members you’ll need per flight.

Step 2: Seek your manufacturer’s sponsored training.


As you purchase your new business jet, you’d be glad to find how manufacturers have their own training programs. With the training sessions, owners, pilots, and crew members will have the know-hows when it comes to operating a specific plane model.

For instance, Bombardier has been conducting its CRJ Series Training for decades now. These are being implemented all over the world. If you just bought one of their units, the company can readily provide you with the staff members you’ll need on your first flight. You’ll then be eased into the most efficient ways of arranging and handling each flight.

Step 3: Consider your pilot’s depth of experience.

Your pilots’ level of competency must meet the nature of your trips. Your chosen pro has to be at least, highly knowledgeable and skillful in flying VIPs across town, and to regional or international destinations.Additionally, your flying pro needs to have the hours to back up his or her competency. At the very least, 100 hours is required for professional pilots. If you’re hiring a commercial captain on board, he or she must have about 5,000 hours of flying experience under his or her belt. The best mix of the pilot’s flying competency and the nature of your trips must be achieved. Their corresponding salaries and benefits must also be part of your consideration.

Step 4: Work with an aircraft chartering company.

A chartering organization can further provide the support you’ll need when it comes to picking the best crew members.They have a team of flight specialists and concierge staffers to assist you. They readily have a database of flight attendants, co-pilots, and pilots as part of their talent roster.As an owner or operator, you can align the specific features of your jet in relation to the needs of your passengers and the nature of each trip. The chartering company will then make it much easier for your jet to be filled with the crew members it requires for an upcoming flight.

These four steps can readily get you started in choosing the best crew members to match your jet. Whether you’re having a trip on short notice or planning a grand vacation, your well-chosen crew members will make your flight even more pleasant.