The No-Fuss Way of Choosing the Staff for Your Chosen Destination

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So you just got yourself a private jet for a trip. Whether you’ll need to go toa quick business meeting or an intercontinental vacation, the best flight crew can ensure you’ll have an efficient and comfy flight. This may be your first time to pick your pilot, co-pilot, and stewardess. Or perhaps it isn’t. Either way, here are some simple, yet effective ways for you to choose the best staff members on your upcoming flight:

Step 1: Choose a designated agency to gather your crew members.

Thankfully, recruitment agencies have a roster of service professionals who can form part of your flight crew. These agencies already have a pool ofwell-trained and experienced talents who are on call for private jet trips. In this case, it’s best to have your own set of standards or qualities to look for, when it comes to picking your crew members. These include dedication, flexibility and being service-oriented.

See the best arrangements which can be fulfilled with the agency. You may consider a trial contract with the provider and see how their service fits your needs. Should the transactions go well in the next months, you can then extend your service agreement with them.This way, you can have a provider who’llreadily bring the crew members you’ll need per flight.

Step 2: Seek your manufacturer’s sponsored training.


As you purchase your new business jet, you’d be glad to find how manufacturers have their own training programs. With the training sessions, owners, pilots, and crew members will have the know-hows when it comes to operating a specific plane model.

For instance, Bombardier has been conducting its CRJ Series Training for decades now. These are being implemented all over the world. If you just bought one of their units, the company can readily provide you with the staff members you’ll need on your first flight. You’ll then be eased into the most efficient ways of arranging and handling each flight.

Step 3: Consider your pilot’s depth of experience.

Your pilots’ level of competency must meet the nature of your trips. Your chosen pro has to be at least, highly knowledgeable and skillful in flying VIPs across town, and to regional or international destinations.Additionally, your flying pro needs to have the hours to back up his or her competency. At the very least, 100 hours is required for professional pilots. If you’re hiring a commercial captain on board, he or she must have about 5,000 hours of flying experience under his or her belt. The best mix of the pilot’s flying competency and the nature of your trips must be achieved. Their corresponding salaries and benefits must also be part of your consideration.

Step 4: Work with an aircraft chartering company.

A chartering organization can further provide the support you’ll need when it comes to picking the best crew members.They have a team of flight specialists and concierge staffers to assist you. They readily have a database of flight attendants, co-pilots, and pilots as part of their talent roster.As an owner or operator, you can align the specific features of your jet in relation to the needs of your passengers and the nature of each trip. The chartering company will then make it much easier for your jet to be filled with the crew members it requires for an upcoming flight.

These four steps can readily get you started in choosing the best crew members to match your jet. Whether you’re having a trip on short notice or planning a grand vacation, your well-chosen crew members will make your flight even more pleasant.