A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Destination Travel Package That Sells

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Sharing the passion of seeing the world?If so, then it would be awesome to come up a travel package which showcases the experience of a lifetime to your clientele. As a touring expert, you probably are aware of the reality that competitors sprout and abound in the field of touring. Hence thorough preparation and care should be applied when it comes to planning a unique tour package.

Here are ten steps you can take to plan an offering that’ll be a hit among luxury travelers:

Step 1: Choose Your Destination

To have a sought-after travel package, it’s not enough to showcase a run-of-the-mill destination. Most travelers would readily appreciate the world’s most visited locations. However,you’d probably want to make the most of your organizing efforts by featuring exclusive and one-of-a-kind tours. You can get started in planning on one destination, then expand to other continents. Your prospects of expansion would then depend on how well-received your first package will be.For starters, you can narrow down your pick to the exclusive spots at the Caribbean, USA, Europe, Central America or Asia.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Customers

By knowing who your prospective customers are, you’d have a better idea of tailor fitting your travel package to meet their needs. Will your clients be the type who’d simply like to unwind, be idle and have more privacy throughout their stay? Or perhaps they’re the types who prefer fewer people in a trip, to have a better learning and first-hand experience of the various locations they’ll visit. Zoom in on the characteristics of the target group you’ll be servicing. This way, you can provide a more unique and unforgettable experience to your actual customers.

Step 3: Set the Format of Your Touring Package


These days, travel organizers thankfully have plenty footstool get creative with their packages. They can further customize their tour offerings based on the hobbies and interests of their target clientele. You can even go for a segment of customers who prefer the most exclusive tours possible. Plan a tropical destination package which flies your clients to a private island with yacht cruises.

If they’re up for an art tour, you can schedule a walk with their favorite contemporary artists.After going around artistic locales, lush dinners can be arranged so clients and their chosen artists can further talk about the world’s works of art.Don’t hesitate to add luxurious touches as part of your clientele’s experience. See how you can provide bottles of the finest champagne or wine during stopovers. Refreshment corners after visits to each destination may be considered as part of the package. Be sure to make your exclusive clients feel cared for and attended to. Prepare to be flexible with your efforts, budget and schedule should they also make requests on a whim.

If you’re targeting a less affluent yet considerably well-off market, you can set touring packages which are a little less expensive yet equally enjoyable.For instance, you can arrange an exclusive, all-inclusive package to the Caribbean. Throw in an offering complete with airline tickets, rain forest rides, five-star hotel accommodations and other luxurious facilities for your clientele to savor.

Step 4: Plan Up Your Itinerary

Getting your clientele from point A to B will require thorough preparation. Your itinerary will serve as your entire package’s selling point since this precisely indicates what your customers will experience throughout the tour. Upon listing the tourist spots they’ll be visiting, it’s necessary to secure the tickets to some destinations. For instance, if your client is going on a musical tour, it’s imperative to buy their opera tickets in advance. The transportation means you’ll need to go around the locale must also be finalized. Whenever possible, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one go-to van or car to drive your clients to and from various destinations.

A whole trip must also have a precise schedule for hotel wake-up calls,breakfast, arrival at and departure from target locations, plus all other crucial elements of the itinerary.If you’re offering a luxurious travel package, it’s advisable to further customize the itinerary based on your clients’ liking. This ensures they’ll have an ultimately satisfying experience throughout the tour.

Step 5: Choose the Best Accommodation, Means of Transport and Other Facilities

After hearing out your clientele’s customization preferences and setting your package’s format, your vendors or suppliers would be another important aspect of your service. The entire tour’s experience will matter more than the costs which your clients will shell out. Consider the most convenient private jet flights, best hotels, most reliable means of transportation, top-rated restaurants and other related services into your package.These vendors will play a major role in making each tour exquisite and memorable. Thus, you must only choose the ones with the highest quality of service.

Step 6: Establish Your Price Point

To make a considerable, long-term profit from your efforts, it’s best to factor in a service or management fee as part of your travel package.This means apart from the discounted prices you’ve arranged with your vendors, a separate service fee will be set to compensate for your efforts.You can choose to be upfront with your clientele by itemizing the costs of services you’ve arranged, along with your management fee. By doing this, you’ll be establishing trust and transparency with your clients. They can even see how less expensive their hotels, restaurants and other services would be, compared to their regular prices outside your travel package.Your management fee will accordingly represent the level of care and keenness to details you’ll provide as you guide them to the world’s best destinations.

Step 7: Plan and Implement Your Marketing Efforts


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Your luxury travel package must be accordingly represented by only the best Marketing materials and Advertising platforms. This means it wouldn’t be wise to place your ads on sites which offer cheap deals. Your target clients are the types of travelers who’d like to have luxurious, one-of-a-kind touring experiences, so conventional destinations and itineraries wouldn’t do. It will be much wiser to place your materials at luxury oriented sites and events.

Better yet, why not come up with a polished-looking direct mailer which features your travel package? Send the creatively designed letters to the offices of your target clientele. You can even up the ante of luxuriousness and exclusivity by organizing an event for your potential travelers. This activity should give a glimpse of how your potential travelers’ experience would be on your upcoming tour. The gathering can even give you a chance for instant sign ups.Batches of sneak-peek oriented events can even start a community of luxurious travelers who may regularly request for your services.

Some of the other marketing options you may consider would be online and printed brochures, destination-specific coffee table books, merchandise items and Social Media based videos. Don’t hesitate to get creative with your efforts, especially if you know these will bring the best impact to your target clients.

Step 8: Seal a Solid Deal with Your Vendors

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your suppliers’ services iscrucial in arranging an exquisite experience for your travelers. Thus it would be practical to set a couple of standard measures for your vendors to follow, via a contract. Upon generating a steady stream of income from your business, it’s required for them to maintain their services at a top level of quality. Draft up a template which indicates the must-have components of each service. Consider a checklist as part of the contract to make sure the standards will be upheld for every batch of travelers which they’ll accommodate.


Step 9: Get Your Team’s A-Game On

It’s necessary to prepare and gear up your staff members,as they attend to the needs of your travelers.Operational and organizational manuals can set the tone to the approaches which your team members will take in servicing your clientele. These manuals along with training will further reflect the culture plus level of professionalism which your company has towards your travelers.Be sure to also relay about the features, itinerary and other details of the travel package.

See how each aspect of your organization can ensure the tour’s components will be excellently implemented. Seek out ideas and consider how of your staff member’s suggestions may practically be aligned with your manuals and other standard procedures. Claiming ownership and stewardship are two values which you can relay to your staff members. By incorporating their ideas, the members will not only see your manual as merely a set of procedures to follow. They’ll view the standards as their very own and ensure they’ll be followed through. At the end of each tour, you may even consider a brief celebration, then provide incentives to the high performers of your staff. These can be in forms of freebies or gift certificates to hotel stays or restaurant reservations.

Step 10: Evaluate and Improve

Assign a person who’ll be documenting the implementation of your tour. He or she will be taking the photos of your itinerary’s crucial components. These range from pictures of the vans you’ll rent, the private jet you’ll charter, the touring destinations and all other relevant parts of the trip. A template of questions and ratings must also be provided, so you and your staff members can individually evaluate how the package was implemented.You’ll also need to gather your clientele’s feedback, so you’re more attuned to what travelers value the most throughout their touring experience. It’s necessary to gather all the pros, cons and other forms of comments from the team and your customers. This way,an Action Plan may be set andbe applied to your upcoming tours.

These thoroughly described steps can give you a substantial head start in planning a top-selling travel package for your clientele. By having a well-prepared and exceptionally implemented tour, you’ll have a growing base of tourists who’ll share the joy of seeing the world with you.