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The 3 Biggest, Must-Know Trends in Destination Travel

The ever-evolving industry of travel certainly makes each year interesting, and this one is no exception. With the prevalence of tech-oriented solutions, it’s become so much easier to find ways and means to see the world. If you’re wondering about the biggest trends you can expect these days, here are just three of the major ones you’ll seeor even experience:

Digital Travel Planning

Now there are so many options each traveler can choose from when it comes to booking plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and tours. Online travel planners aid many globetrotters through listing up all the available products and services they can possibly enjoy throughout the trip.All they’ll have to do is read through the list, pick which features they like best, and even consider which ones fit their budget.

There are even platforms which automatically list up each day’s itinerary as soon as the travelers book for specific services. The listed tourist sitesmay further be described along with the hours which it will take to for visitors to reach it.All they’ll have to do is print out the final, generated itinerary, and they’ll be set for their trip. If you’ll notice, there isn’t any mention of a travel agent throughout the process. This usually leads to more savings on the travelers’ part.



Traveling for Business and Leisure purposes can now be combined. Employees who travel the world to seal deals for their firmswould seize the opportunity to see new places and explore interesting cultures.By taking some time off work and requesting for additional days during their trip, they get to see different sides of a country beyond boardrooms and conference halls.

The key to having a great Bleisure trip is scheduling and knowing the best locations in town. For travelers who’d primarily want to get rid of their jet lag upon arriving, they usually book a few days ahead of a conference or meeting. Spa treatments, shopping trips, and trying out different restaurants can be scheduled in advance. This way, they’d be more acclimated and well-adjusted to the country’s environment, in time for the iractual meetings. After the whole series of work-related negotiations, some bleisure travelers actually book for more high-involvement activities like wine tours or wake boarding sessions.

Eco Tourism or Green Tourism

Another way of seeing the world is through Eco-Tourism.This rising trend involves going to natural areas so that tourists can appreciate nature in its purest form. This type of trip mainly focuses on the cause of conservation. While some incorporate this theme of trip as part of their itinerary, others actually prioritize and only focus on this advocacy-based type of tour.

At a minimal level, tourists may visit a national park which nurtures endangered species. Their ticket purchases would then serve as proceeds for the cause. There are also sites which offer bamboo-made, bike tours instead of riding vans. This way, people can refreshingly appreciate their surroundings without the cost of carbon emissions.

Some tours are also packaged for travelers to visit distant sites and contribute to their sustainability. Visitors can learn about avillage’straditional way of living, like hunting, fishing, or cooking. Educational hikes are also provided for tourists to better appreciate a locale’s ecosystem.

Whether you’re a jet operator or VIP traveler, these major trends are surely worth keeping in mind. Explore your options on some of them and see how you can fully enjoy your trips real soon.