Exotic Private Jet Destinations

Private Jet Destinations

Exotic Private Jet Destinations Explained in Instagram Photos

Instagram has changed the way people share their experiences with the use of photos. With over 80 million pictures being uploaded per day, it wouldn’t be a wonder whythe world seems much smaller than before.Travelers from around the globe will simply have to snap some inspiring photos and voila – they can already share memories with friends and loved ones.

In this post, we’ve compiled 10 of the latest photos taken from various exotic destinations around the world. Each picture has a story to tell. Have a glance through any of these lined up pieces, and know more about the place by seeing its corresponding description beside each number:

1. Ko Tao Island, Thailand / Photo Taken by @thatkiwicouple

The account owners describe themselves as “Globetrotting, Newlywed Kiwis.” As journalists and photographers, they’ve decided to turn their honeymoon into an adventure that’s worthwhile to share with their Instagram followers. Before this photo was taken, Neil and Kyra took on a dangerous road in the island.This entailed going for an emergency jump while riding a bike.In this photo, they talked about how the view was so worth the challenge they just had. Want to reach this destination? Then it’s best to book a flight with us today.

2. Brisbane/ Photo Taken by @mygreekcuzina

Located right in the heart of the suburbs, the restaurant My Greek Cuzina took a photo of its special menu items by the sea.These include Gyros, Halioumi, Pita, Ouzo, Felafel, Feta, and Soublaki.At a glance, it may look like the photo was taken from Greece. However, upon closer scrutiny, you’ll find this picture was also snapped from Bulimba. This suburb is located at the Brisbane River’s Southern bank. It has cafés, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and boutiques which every traveler can surely enjoy.To visit this side of Brisbane, be sure to schedule a private jet with us.

3. Istanbul, Turkey / Photo Taken by @cometoturkeycom

Turkey has a whole lot of exotic sceneries you can explore. As a country which connects Europe and Asia, travelers have tons of reasons to seethe majestic landmarks in its major city, Istanbul.@cometoturkeycom snapped a photo of The Yeni Cami or New Mosque. This imperial mosque has undergone several reconstructions since it was first built in 1597. Its marble columns, calligraphic plates, arches, and so many other elements are just grand to see up close. Want to see the Yeni Cami and every other awesome place of Turkey? Then it’s best to do so by booking a private jet for your upcoming trip.

4. St. Barths / Photo Taken by @tracirhoads1

In this photo, the account owner notices how luxurious St. Barths can get. For one, her description talks of how taxis are in Porsche Cayennes. This French-owned destination has volcanic rocks, iguanas, beaches, and blooming cacti. For visitors who are into luxurious experiences, they’d be glad to find how St. Bar ths also features yachts and designer boutiques. It’s also a favorite destination among celebrities.

5. Madagascar / Photo Taken by @daffa2026

As a self-confessed obsessive traveler, Amanda Daff never runs out of posts to share about travel and all other elements of her lifestyle. In this particular photo, she got acquainted with a Lemur hiding inside a tree. Madagascar is actually known for its Lemurs. These creatures look like a combination of cats, squirrels, and dogs. They hop (or even sashay) on land, climb trees, and produce different squeaky sounds. Although they might seem aloof, they actually don’t mind hanging around people.

6. Maui, Hawaii / Photo Taken by @boujmaaguilloul

This photo was uploaded by a professional windsurfer named Boujmaa Guilloul. This is almost a commonplace scenery in Maui as the island has several big waves which extreme sportsmen will enjoy. There’s the Peahi, Ho‘okipa Lookout, Honolua Bay, Dumps, and the Punalau Beach (“Windmills”). Even if you’re not a pro windsurfer, simply watching the biggest waves crash the shore will be a phenomenal experience.

7. Nepal / Photo Taken by @mountains.and.around

The Langtang Lirung is considered to be among the highest peaks which can be found at the Nepalese Himalayas. This infrequently climbed mountain has a height of about 7,246 meters. Posted by Mountains and Around, this photo just shows how challenging it could get to reach the Langtang Lirung’ssummit. With its trekking areas and teahouse accommodations, a climb to this mountain can approximately take 7 to 10 days. To reach this destination at the fastest rate, it’s best to book for a private jet today.

8. The Cook Islands / Photo Taken by@jessaddwater

This photo celebrates the healthy population of the Humphead Wrass, Napolean, or Maori Wrasse. According to the post, this type of fish is a major predator of the Crown of Thorns Starfish. The latter eats away the corals at the Cook Islands.As @jessaddwater states, uniqueness and diversity are present at the paradise that is The Cook Islands.And there’s a lot more you can enjoy as you visit the country with over 15 islands to explore.

9. Angkor Wat at Cambodia / Photo Taken by@kelsharry

Did you know this is the world’s largest religious monument? While it was originally constructed as a Hindu temple, it was slowly transformed to being a Buddhist complex by the end of the12thcentury. This ancient structure’s ruins reflect the Khmer Empire’s past. The complexes have lush, green forests as their background and walks along the temple can be rejuvenating, if not quite spiritual.

10. Fiji / Photo Taken by @kelli.vidiuk

With 333 islands, Fiji is best known for its resorts, spas, private islands, and many outdoor activities. As tourists soak up the warm sun of the islands, they’ll also be filled with Fiji’s sumptuous, local delicacies. These include Mahi Mahi fish marinated in lemon juice, Lovo (a festive delicacy with combinations of pork, fish, lamb, and veggies). Some of its must-try activities include zip lining at the Pacific Harbor, touring the Kula Wild Adventure Park (Sigatoka), seeing the beaches and waterfalls, and so much more.

These are just a few of the millions of photos being posted on the world’s most exotic, private jet destinations. Been planning to reach any of these locations? Or perhaps you may have another country you’d like to visit. Either way, you’ll surely get there fast by booking a private jet with us. For more details, you may call us at +1 866-448-2358 today.