Private Jet Chartering

Private Jet Chartering

A Trip Back in Time: Private Jet Chartering 20 Years Ago

At the age of digital mobility,booking a business jet can happen in just a few swipes and taps. Hence it can be easy to forget how private flying started20 years ago. The industry has gone a long way since it took flight in 1963, with Learjet as the first private aircraft to fly off the ground.

If you’rewondering abouthowPrivate Jet Chartering was like 20 years ago, here are milestones which shaped the industry:

14,000 jets have already been produced since 1997

Today and in the US alone, over 11,000 private jets are registered for use. Additionally, there are roughly 7,900 private jets being flown throughout the rest of the globe. These numbers are quite a leap compared to how there were only 890 private jets from 1994 to 1996.

In 1996, Cessna released the Citation XL

The Citation XL is one of the most popular and widely used private jets today. Private travelers use this aircraft for mid-range flights and it can fly for theduration of up to 4 hours. This plane can also fit 6 to 8 passengers per trip.

Fractional jet ownership was starting to boom

20 years ago, fractional ownership was seen as a more viable solution than having to put up with group travel. It was also the closest thing to having a readily available, private plane at a more efficient cost.Planes were made available within 4 to 6 hours’ notice at any of the world’s 5,000 airports.

Gulfstream started developing its GIV-SP and GV jets

The Gulfstream GV was specifically recognized for its range and speed. In 1997, the aircraft’s development team was awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy. This annual award is given to teams and individuals who reached the greatest achievement in America’s field of Aeronautics and/or Astronautics.

Russians needed distinct laws between commercial and business aviation

The growth and demand for business jets were on the rise in the Russian and Chinese market. Unfortunately, legislations and regulations haven’t catered to the private flying sector yet. This caused challenges in business jet operations such as the implementation of import procedures, taxation, and safety standards. Still, the sector uniquelyflourishes as jet rotations keep exceeding those of London’s airports.

The A319 Corporate Jetwas released for the business market

Known for its line of commercial units, Airbus manufactured the A319CJ for private, business-oriented travelers.It has an increased flying altitude at 41,000 feet that’s perfect for long-range trips. It’s booked for its space, flexibility, and configurations to accommodate VIPs.

Bill Gates purchased his private jet at $21 million

Tycoons such as Bill Gates saw the convenience of owning a private jetto reach even the most remote places for charity work. Back in 1997, the business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft said that owning a business jet is a guilty pleasure. With it, he could get to a lot of places for the causes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

GPS were introduced for safety

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)were introduced in 1995. As a milestone for business jets, this technology enhanced the safety of travelers. It’s used to navigate their flights’tracks and paths in the most precise ways possible. The transmitting device can send information about an aircraft to the Air Traffic Controllers. These details include altitude, speed, and bearing.

When it comes to private jet chartering,many more countless developments have taken place in the past 20 years. These facts show how the industry is here to stay, as it’s bound to further develop in the coming decades.